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If you're like many homeowners in Stark County, then you are likely to be experiencing cold weather, including some light snow and rainfall. However, looking at the weather forecast ahead it's clear that the cold weather that winter brought with it is a thing of the past and spring is in now in full swing.

Don't Forget to Include Your Car When You Plan for Your Spring Clean

With the change in weather comes the change in mindset, where we start to think about the year ahead and plan for a spring clean. As you start to compile your list of items you would like to complete to prepare for the year ahead, AMSOIL Dealer - MTD 2000 LTD has a few items to add to your list to ensure your car gets preventative maintenance while you're in the cleaning mood.

Starting at the Bottom

The best place to start with preventative maintenance is the condition of your tires. It only takes the smallest cut or tear in the tread of you tire to cause a blowout as you drive. To prevent this, give your tires a thorough inspection and pay close attention to any instances where sharp rocks or glass on the road could have caused damage to your tires. If you notice any damage, don't take a chance, replace the tire immediately. Along with the condition of your tires, check your owner's manual for the ideal tire pressure and be sure that pressure inside your tires matches this. If the pressure in your tires is too low, it can increase the amount of friction between your tires and the road, resulting in an increase in your gas usage.

Time to Check Your Filters

With your tires taken care of it's time to lift the hood and check on your air and oil filter. With the amount of dirt and debris in the atmosphere, it can be easy for your air filter to become clogged and prevent the flow or air which your engine needs to operate. If cleaning it doesn't seem to have done a sufficient job in bringing it back to life, it's best to replace it. The same goes for your oil filter. Given the crucial role which it plays in keeping your engine operating at its best, if in doubt, change it out. If changing your air and oil filters is a new task for you, then finding the right product to replace them may seem overwhelming. Before you call your mechanic to take over the task, speak with AMSOIL Dealer - MTD 2000 LTD at (330) 617-3138. With friendly and professional advice, rest assured that you will get the right filter for your needs.

While You're at It

It's never a bad time to check the fluid levels in your engine, especially during seasonal transitions. The most obvious fluid is going to be your engine oil which is checked using your dipstick. If your engine oil level is low, top it up without delay. If you drive your car without a sufficient level of engine oil then it can lead to engine wear and damage. There are a number of other fluids throughout your engine which are crucial to the running of your car such as your power steering fluid which helps you turn corners and maneuver your car without the need for a gym membership along with you all-important brake fluid. You can check both of these fluids visually.

Finish It off With a Wash

Of course, it wouldn't be a spring clean without a traditional clean. While it's true that it will make your car cosmetically more appealing, the importance of cleaning lies within its purpose of keeping corrosion and rust away. Take a sponge, a bucket, and some car wash designed soap and give your car a thorough clean. Be sure to pay attention to spaces which can accumulate debris such as the creases between your car doors and your undercarriage as corrosion can quickly begin to build up.

Get the Right Product for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Stark County

If you love the idea of keeping your vehicle in good condition but you're new to the process, speak with an expert at AMSOIL Dealer - MTD 2000 LTD. Friendly advice matched with expensive experience is what you can expect when you call (330) 617-3138. Able to choose from an extensive range of high-quality AMSOIL synthetic oil and engine fluids, AMSOIL Dealer - MTD 2000 LTD can and will ensure that you are provided with the right product for the task. If you prefer to read more information before you call, check out our online store.

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