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Nothing quite matches the thrill of riding an ATV around a track of through rough terrain, getting you places where a 4WD just can't go and giving you the level of agility and torque you've come to expect from a dirt bike. However, these benefits are only available from an ATV that has been maintained well and is running at peak performance. And while an ATV has similar traits to both a 4WD and a dirt bike, the maintenance requirements can differ greatly.

Keep Your ATV in Good Running Order With a Synthetic Oil Change in North Canton

For this post, Amsoil Dealer - MTD 2000 LTD has compiled a list of top maintenance tips to get you started with basic ATV maintenance, helping you to keep your ATV in the best condition possible to keep your off road adventure going.

Clean a Rough Ride

When you think about the last time you took your ATV off-road it's likely your tires threw up a lot of dust and a lot of debris. While most of it is stuck to the body of your ATV, much of it likely made its way into your air-intake and, in turn, your air filter. While it's true that the sole purpose of your air filter is to prevent this from entering your engine, when it becomes clogged it isn't able to effectively do its job. This can either lead to dirty air and debris entering into your engine, or worse, no air entering and you going nowhere. After each drive, take some time and thoroughly clean the body of your car and clear your air intake and filter. Just a few minutes of aftercare can be different between a healthy and engine and one that isn't going anywhere.

Coolant and Fluid Levels

Similar to most engines, there are certain fluids that assist in its basic operations. These range from coolants to general engine oil. If you are planning on a weekend adventure, check your fluid levels a few days in advance so that you have the time to perform any topics or oil changes. Leaving it to the last minute can see you unable to head off on your ride because of a simple issue of low engine oil or an empty bottle of coolant, something which could ruin your entire weekend. If you want to provide your engine with a high-quality oil to boost its performance and reduce engine wear, speak with Amsoil Dealer - MTD 2000 LTD on (330) 617-3138 and ask which product is best suited to you for a synthetic oil change in North Canton. With the increased performance a synthetic oil change in North Canton can see, your adventures are sure to be enjoyable.

Wiring and Battery

Continuing on with the dust and debris mentioned above, when it comes to an ATV, more of the electronics and wiring are exposed which increases the risk of corrosion and general wiring breakdown. It can pay to take extra time to assess the quality of your wiring and cables as an affected or corroded cable can prevent your brakes from engaging or your throttle from working. While you're checking the wiring and cables, take some time to learn where your battery is stored and check the condition it is in. While there aren't many electronics on an ATV, it definitely isn't going to start with a worn battery.

Check Any Chains and Your Drive Belt

Depending on the model of ATV you purchased or drive, it's likely to be utilizing a chain or a drive belt to keep numerous components operation. Just a small nick or tear in a drive belt can worsen during a ride, leaving you stuck in the middle of a mud pit. It only takes a few extra minutes while you're checking your fluid levels, so take the time and give them the attention they deserve. If you want to be cautious, consider keeping a spare with you when you head out.

Where to Find the Right Product for Your Synthetic Oil Change in North Canton

Taking care of your ATV to keep it in peak performance condition doesn't require a lot of time, but it doest require your attention. And with the benefits of adventure it provides, this attention is minimal. To help keep your engine running at its peak and prevent engine damage as you ride, speak with Amsoil Dealer - MTD 2000 LTD on (330) 617-3138 and ask about the right product for your ATV. With the high-quality nature of AMSOIL synthetic oil, a synthetic oil change in North Canton can see your ATV perform better and last longer.

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