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When it comes to off-road adventure, few vehicles provide the level of torque and maneuverability which come with riding a dirt bike. From tight corners to controlled descents, dirt bikes offer an unbeatable level of access to real off-road adventure.

Keep Your Dirt-Bike in Good Shape With Easy to Follow Maintenance Tips

Whether you are new to owning a dirt bike and want to make sure it stays in the best condition, or you are an experienced rider looking for a refresher, MTD 2000 has put together an easy to follow checklist to help.

Learn How to Ride It

One of the most common mistakes made by many dirt bike riders is assuming that they know how their ride works. While they may have ridden a road bike before, mechanics and riding styles can vary so much that popular dirtbike manufacturers like BMW offer rider training for riders to learn the basics, along with enhanced riding techniques.

Keep It Clean

The importance of keeping your dirtbike clean isn't just so that it looks good, it's to protect its exterior and frame from corrosion and rust. With the amount of mud and debris that a dirtbike sees, much of it gets caught up in the frame or stuck to the body. If left to accumulate, it can cause cosmetic damage to the exterior and frame damage to the bike itself.

Levers and Cables

Ensuring you have the correct tension on your levers and cables is crucial for steering and throttle control. If your levers are too tight, then it can cause your bike to increase throttle as you turn tight corners. If it's too loose, you can lose your ability to gain torque when you need it the most.

Maintain Your Fluids

Just like any engine, your dirt bike's engine needs fluids to operate, the most important being engine lubricant. A couple of days before your ride, check your engine oil levels along with any other fluids that your owners manual recommends that you check. If your engine oil is low, top it up. If it's dirty, perform a synthetic oil change before you ride to keep it functioning at its best. If you aren't sure which is the best engine lubricant for your dirt bike, speak with an expert at MTD 200 LTD. Available at (330) 617-3138, MTD 2000 LTD can discuss the best options and products for your bike to ensure it performs at its best and your get the most out of your synthetic oil change.

Check Your Air Filter

Your engine needs air to ignite the fuel, which can often become a problem when riding through thick dust, such as the environment most dirt bikes are ridden in. Before your next ride, take out your air filter and give it a clean. If it gets too clogged, your engine will become starved for air, and it will decrease your performance and lead to engine wear. If you can't clean it sufficiently, replace it.

Appropriate Tire Pressure

Tire pressure isn't universal, and the incorrect tire pressure can leave you with sluggish steering and increase the amount of fuel that you use. Before you leave for a ride, consider the conditions that you will be riding through and adjust your tire pressure accordingly. Remember that it is best to adjust your tire pressure to accommodate the majority of your riding. If you are riding on a sealed road for a short period to reach a dirt track where you will spend the majority of your day, adjust the pressure for the track.

Inspect the Chain

Your chain is in prime position to catch mud and debris as you ride. After your ride, check the condition of your chain. If the mud is still wet, you can leave it to dry overnight which will make it easier to remove. Once clean, grease it with a high quality and purpose designed chain lubricant. While you are cleaning your chain, inspect the tension. You should never be able to remove it quickly from the sprocket. If you can, it's time to replace it. On the flip side, your chain should also never be too taught. Your owner's manual will be the best place to find the right level of tension for your particular dirt bike model.

The Right Products for the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Louisville

When it comes to dirt bike maintenance, most of it can be done at home and without a visit to the mechanic. The key to good home bike maintenance is to use high-quality products. Speak with MTD 2000 LTD at (330) 617-3138 and ask about the range of AMSOIL engine lubricant and air filters available. If you are going to give your dirt bike a synthetic oil change, let us know the make and model so that we can ensure you get the right engine oil for the job.

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