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How to Select the Best Synthetic Oil to Meet the Needs of Your Vehicle

One mistake that many drivers make is using the wrong motor oil for the needs of their engine, they forget that it is also about how the vehicle is used and not just what type of engine it has. That is why today at MTD 2000 LTD we want to provide some helpful information regarding the different types of motor oil characteristics and how to select the right one according to the needs of your vehicle.

The Use of the Vehicle Determines the Needs of the Engine

synthetic oil in louisville ohIt is important to always keep in mind the manufacturer´s recommendation but no matter how similar two engines are, if the vehicle is not used for the same purpose or with the same intensity then the effort that the engine will exert is not the same and therefore, they each require different care. Let´s say you have a race car for the weekends and a similar sports car for getting to work and driving around town. The car you use around town will  most likely be used for shorter drives, experience more stops and constant use of the brake, and the engine will need to perform differently than that of your weekend racing vehicle. Of course, your racing car will be driven at a much higher speed and face other conditions. Can both use the same type of oil? Well yes, and no. If by type you are referring to conventional, synthetic blend or full synthetic oil then yes, both vehicles can use full synthetic oil but they each still require different additives in that oil.

Full Synthetic Oil is Always the Best Option

Full synthetic oil is always the best option for all types of engines and different vehicles. The basic structure of its molecules is truly strong and resilient, assisting the engine even in the toughest conditions while still providing many benefits for vehicles that are more low maintenance and not used in severe conditions. Amsoil has a wide variety of fully synthetic oils to match the needs and conditions that each different vehicle faces. Whether you need motorcycle oil, motor oil for your diesel engine or for your gasoline engine or a more resistant racing synthetic motor oil, you can find that and much more in our Amsoil online store or by contacting us directly

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Short Drives Increment the Need for Acid Protection From Your Synthetic Oil

Cars that are used for regular driving face higher levels of acid build up in the engine, especially if they are mostly used for short drives. The fuel that is being burned up during those short trips creates a type of vapor that will usually leave through the exhaust but a portion will get into the crankcase. If the vehicle faced a longer more extensive drive then the oil would be able to reach a high enough temperature to reduce the moisture and even eliminate it. However, short trips accumulate that moisture and it condenses and becomes water when the engine cools. This accumulated water, the sulfur in the oil, the fuel burn off products and other chemicals in the engine combine to create a very harmful acid that can greatly corrode and damage your engine. Amsoil full synthetic oil contains the right additives to protect your engine against all sort of harm. This type of oil technology designed to protect against this type of acid is usually measured by a number known as TBN.

Why Is Acid Protection Not a Top Priority for the Synthetic Motor Oil of a Race Car?

best syntheticoil in louisville ohAlthough a higher TBN number is great for cars that are used for short drives it is not such a good thing  for your racing car. Yes, we are sure you want to protect your race car against acid but truth is your race car needs protection from other factors but not this. The engine in a race car will drive at high speeds which quickly reducing the oil temperature high enough to easily boil off the excess moisture produced. Your race car engine does a pretty good job on its own at keeping acid levels because it will rarely ever have moisture accumulating. It does, however, need protective elements that reduce wear because of the intensity at which the engine operates.

Find the Ideal Motor Oil for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Louisville, OH With Incredible Specials

Amsoil provides all the right product for your driving needs and engine requirements . Call Terry Gulley at (330) 617-3138 and obtain the ideal synthetic oil for your engine, today.


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